Heir To The Drone

by Kafka Rex

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Rhett Huebschmann
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Rhett Huebschmann Boris Randall does it again! You need to familiarize yourself with all his works if you haven't already. This is doomy, sludgy goodness from start to finish.
steve thumbnail
steve Uh-ugh....klung
Eeeele'triick Wiiiiiiiiaatch!!!!
Sublime; but Heir to the Drone is Kafka Rex' very own 'Kashmir'...and fucking brilliant it is too. Favorite track: The Electric Witch (Marc's Song).
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ I passed on this a couple of times due to the cover art looking like the sort of thing a death/black metal band would use, then I saw Bucky's name underneath and knew I had to give it a go.
Excellent doom, excellent band, shit cover art Favorite track: The Electric Witch (Marc's Song).
The Shrieks From Below
The Shrieks From Below thumbnail
The Shrieks From Below 22/2/15

An excellent unearthing courtesy of Bucky
Bucky thumbnail
Bucky Yes Steve, I guess this is our little secret? How about the rest of the doom lovers jump aboard this bludgeoning, psychedelic array of grinding riffs? Soundtrack to the dreamiest nightmare! If this is a prelude of what's to come then we're going to need some help Steve!
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This is the first EP from Kafka Rex. FULL LENGTH DEBUT ALBUM COMING IN FEBRUARY!!!!!!


released January 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Kafka Rex Ohio

Kafka Rex is a Sludge/Doom trio from Ohio...specializing in horror, occult, and riffs.

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Track Name: Heir To The Drone

Hail the new king, clear his throne.
Bow your heads to the heir to the drone.
Sludge-filled kingdom, low and slow.
Comes the feast of the heir to the slow drone.

Make your way to the river of fiction.
Climbing up to Mount Crucifixion.
Wind will carry you on a low drone.
In the kingdom of the heir to the slow drone.


Raise your flame to the sound of thunder.
Slow your mind in the soil of resin.
Sun up high in a sky of lava.
People form from the melting waxes.

Track Name: The Electric Witch (Marc's Song)

Come to me in a dream.
Feather boa and sequined charm.
Godfather of glitter.
Glowing shaman swagger on.

The Electric Witch.

Energy shoots from a dream.
Into my soul and carry me.
The ritual mesmerize.
Out from the earth and he will rise.

The Electric Witch.
Track Name: Satan's Skin

The devil comes to another town.
Unearth his skull and see.
A madness comes, infecting the young.
An epidemic of lust.
A tuft of hair, a crown of thorns,
And Angel Blake is Queen.
The chosen bride, a willing whore,
So let the blood spill forth.

So hear me, Satan.......

A naked breast to a preacher's eye,
A thing of paradise.
Seductive girl not a woman yet,
She is a dream in black.
A sacrifice, a lustful game,
And Angel Blake will serve.
The black goat, the burning moon,
So let the devil come.

So hear me, Satan.........